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Regenerative Practices launches Canada’s first peptide training program for medical professionals, including approved peptides available for prescribing in all provinces.

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Working in collaboration with Triad and Cre8 Pharmacy, peptide training is specific to approved peptides in Canada and following respective provincial regulations.

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Peptide Therapy Training

Through the Accredited Faculty at Regenerative Practices of America, we are proud to announce the introduction of training, support, and access for prescribing peptides to your patients in Canada. Supported by its Canadian Founder & CEO, Serena Brock, this opportunity establishes a foundation for clinical education, a standard of care, and all tools and guidance to make your practice flourish with cutting-edge peptide therapies.

Regenerative Practices of Canada will establish clinical and education, along with specific protocols based on the regulation of Health Canada, the pharmacy compounds, and the signature clinical protocols that will lay the foundation for a standard of care for which medical professionals should be trained to use peptide therapy in their practice. Regulatory changes are occurring rapidly; healthcare professionals who achieve competency in this area will be uniquely positioned to adopt peptide therapy treatment into their practice immediately upon training.

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