Justin Kirkland, Chemist

Justin, a professional drug development chemist, brings over 20 years of experience in longevity medicine.
His most recent U.S. awarded patent was for the improved synthesis of the ergoline, 2-bromo-LSD; useful in treating cluster headaches. Presently, Kirkland holds the Chief Science Officer role for Optimi Health, overseeing the clinical trials using pyslosibin to treat depression. Prior to this role, Kirkland served as CEO of Las Vegas-based Fristoe Pharmaceuticals, an FDA registered wholesale drug distributor, and previously oversaw product development for Wells Pharmacy Network from their base in Florida; he was the lead scientific investigator regarding synthetic peptides at Tailor Made Health in Kentucky, and managed functional food manufacturing at Nuka Foods in Colorado and founded Kilochem’s efforts in Illinois. Since 2007, he founded and operated NutraNeeds dietary supplements and cosmetics program. Kirkland’s career includes being a sought-after speaker and educator for doctors through organizations including, A4M, IPS, and Regenerative Practices of America. In addition, Kirkland is pursuing future drug development research in conjunction with The University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry PhD program.