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Founded in 2018, Regenerative Practices of America is an exclusive membership community that provides physicians and other medical practitioners negotiated discounts from pharmacies, clinical training and education, medical equipment and supplies, travel, lifestyle, and recognizable brands from our exclusive list of vendors products and services. Our Members come from all areas of healthcare including functional and internal medicine, aesthetics, cosmetic surgery and some of tomorrow’s most promising growing areas of medicine, such as peptide and hormone replacement therapy. They have access to our 24/7 confidential forum, online education, patient referrals and frequent invitation-only events.

In addition to our incredible discounts, we also offer a unique line of Signature Protocols that are geared to patient marketing and include all dosing, combined vendor protocols and marketing. These benefits are available to all Network Providers and are recognized as sophisticated marketing programs that are designed to help patients achieve positive health goals/outcomes. We continue to build our platform offering unparalleled access and discounts.

As a Vendor Partner, you not only gain access to our portal, on-line and in person events, but also have access to our marketing platform to further endorse and promote your products and/or services. This is a robust on-line education delivery platform that allows you to distribute your training and information in a secured and effective manner, without having to offer multiple webinars, in-person or on-line, live trainings. Even more exciting is our ability to create patient protocols that incorporate many modalities that not only enhance your product, but also provide a stronger patient outcome and an exclusive, signature protocol.  We are confident in our ability to collectively work to increase your company’s visibility, positioning and sales!

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Serena Brock

On behalf of our team at Regenerative Practices of America, I would like to personally thank you for your time and consideration and extend a warm welcome to our community. Our company continues to grow and our physician and medical network is enhanced because of the opportunity of working with companies such as yours.

All the best,

Serena Brock
Founder & CEO

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