Women Hormone Therapy

Women need testosterone. It’s not just a man’s hormone! On average, women are losing 3% of their testosterone each year. By menopause, women have lost 70-90% of their total testosterone.

The fluctuations in the hormones estrogen, testosterone and progesterone can cause your periods to become irregular and sometimes heavy. Other symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, brain fog and headaches can soon follow.

Hormone replacement therapy primarily focuses on replacing the estrogen that your body no longer makes after menopause.

There are two main types of estrogen therapy:

Systemic hormone therapy
Systemic estrogen can be used to replace the loss of estrogen in a woman’s body. It can be taken in a pill form, a skin path, ring, gel, cream or spray and is absorbed into the body. These are higher doses, used to treat any of the common symptoms of menopause.

Low-dose vaginal products
Low-dose vaginal preparations of estrogen minimize the amount of estrogen absorbed by the body. These products come in cream, tablet or ring form and due to the low-dose, are usually only used to treat the vaginal and urinary symptoms of menopause.

Balancing healthy testosterone levels keeps your body fine-tuned and helps with overall health and wellness.  Seeing a physician experienced in hormone replacement is a great place to start.

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